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6 new albums of classical music
Classics do not die because they play it all the time. And they play it because it is a classic. Iron logic. But in fact, in fact: each generation finds…

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Summing up: Russian jazz in 2018
It is difficult to divide music into years, all the more so as to sum up some results for a certain period of time. The music is too majestic to…

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Love in all its manifestations: five new albums of young indie rockers
Everyone has long known that rock and roll is dead. However, this guy has an amazing ability to be reborn into life, like a phoenix from the ashes. And he…

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A selection of online stores with hi-res music

The transition from MP3 to Hi-Res music with a quality higher than CD has not yet become a mainstream phenomenon. Companies like Sony would like this, some rock stars with Neil Young at the head and audiophiles, but for now Spotify wins. Nevertheless, there are quite a few people in the world who use high-end equipment and do not stop looking for new sources of high-quality digital music.

Every day more and more stereo receivers and even mobile phones equipped with powerful DACs appear, but finding music in Hi-Res audio format is still not easy. The problem is that there are not so many digital recordings with high sampling rates and large bit depths (above 24 bit / 48 kHz).
If we talk about streaming services with high sound quality, then, in fact, the only choice is Tidal (review, MQA test). This platform has its own quirks, but it allows streaming music in 24-bit / 96 kHz format. Continue reading

Jazz together: six bright duet albums

Jazz is an abundant genre. Lush orchestras, lengthy improvisations, duels of soloists, wriggling rhythm section and the like. But not always the more, the better. When jazzmen consciously limit themselves, sometimes, it turns out a miracle. So sometimes a simple piano duet can sound broadly, like an orchestra. Today we have selected several albums for you, where only two instruments create a whole universe of sound and drive.

Charlie Haden & Brad Mehldau “Long Ago And Far Away” Two epochs of jazz. The great double bass player Charlie Hayden and the popular pianist and innovator Brad Meldau collaborated a lot when they met back in 1993. Hayden praised the young jazz star in every way, and Meldau, of course, bowed to the double bass player, especially noting – which is not surprising – his epochal free albums with Ornette Coleman. Continue reading

Will AI mastering replace real mastering engineers?

Making music is the most human and human occupation in the world, but in recent years, artificial intelligence has also begun to play on this field. Algorithms are involved in almost every stage of musical production – from creating beats on drum machines to writing the melodies themselves, which can hardly be distinguished from people’s creations. Now AI is starting to work in mastering, and this raises the question of the need to use qualified specialists in one of the most difficult areas of music production.

Mastering is the final step in post-processing audio, and its task is to make the final track sound balanced no matter what you listen to: even in Spotify, even in iTunes, even on disk. The purpose of mastering is to create a solid, coherent musical experience, leading the listener from song to song. Continue reading

Nineties without linden: seven great forgotten songs

In the summer of Moscow, the pioneers of Alice in Chains will arrive. The band recorded the first exemplary album of this style “Facelift”, and in 1992, AIC released the swan song of grunge – the album “Dirt”. In that year there were many musical breakthroughs, discoveries and upheavals. Something was forgotten, but it seems that the 90s are with us for a long time.

From the point of view of show business, the main achievement of the nineties, probably, is that they have learned how to make almost any non-commercial music commercial. “Repositioning”, in the language of marketing textbooks. So, it was in the 90s that “it turned out” that heavy music is not “stupid / choking”, but just the opposite: diverse, for all tastes, with quite pop ballagers within the style. And yes, other styles are most easily grafted onto it, from ethnics and hip-hop to electronics and jazz. Continue reading

Listen to video game soundtracks while you work.

I write this text, and in my ears there is a sound of triumphal pipes, pouring into the rhythmic rumblings of the violins. You know, you will read my article – turn on this track, find “Battlefield One”. You will focus a little better if he plays with the background, I promise. In the end, video game soundtracks are aimed precisely at this.

In general, at the moment this is the best life advice I received – listen to music from video games if you need to concentrate. After all, this is a special genre of music, created in order to enhance the sensations and, at the same time, to remain somewhere in the background, in the subcortex of the brain. Continue reading

What is the secret of the fascinating power of music?
Music surrounds us everywhere. At the sound of a powerful orchestral crescendo, tears come to my eyes and goosebumps run down my back. The musical accompaniment enhances the artistic expressiveness…


Sounds that energize the brain
“Some sounds work just as well as a couple of cups of coffee,” says Alfred Tomatis, an eminent French hearing expert. This means that we can use music as a…


Mozart effect
Listening to Mozart's music enhances our brain activity. After listening to Mozart, people responding to the standard IQ test demonstrate an increase in intelligence. This phenomenon discovered by some scientists…


Classics from contemporaries: five new albums of academic music
Hits of concert halls and premieres of little-known composers. Young virtuosos, nuggets and groups with a century of history. Baroque, reminiscent of minimalism. So, we continue the review of modern…